The Conscious Box

The current events have reminded us of how important it is to make more conscious choices, for ourselves and the planet.

What is the Conscious Box?

You can offer a box as a welcome gift to new employees, as a special gift in corporate gatherings or simply to get it delivered once a week! No worries, we’ve got you covered ;)

This box is designed to be 100% personalised (with/without your logo) and includes beautiful reusable and zero-waste lifestyle products that last.

  • Healthy & yummy snacks (trust us ;)) made with only wholesome ingredients (no added sugar or other nasties), wrapped in an eco-friendly packaging. A healthy snack made of real food is nutritious, keeps you full until your next meal and gives you a bit of an energy boost for productivity!

  • Nice & trendy products that help us in our daily life to take care of us and the planet.

Your Contribution

less waste

Less Waste


Support Local Entrepreneurs


Encourage a conscious mindset


Build a sense of caring community

“Thank you to all the companies that are contributing to the pursuit of a lifestyle that preserves our planet, our body and our mind”
Cristina & Roxane