Our Concept

Our mission is simple: healthy and sustainable means enjoying. We want to prove that there are much better alternatives for you without compromising convenience, pleasure, taste and fun! :)

We want to create awareness and trust so that you are totally free to make your own choices. We strive to help you live a conscious and healthy life in an effortless way 🖤

We are true to our values, so we simply refuse to sell something that is bad for you. Here you will NOT find any product with toxics, chemical additives, preservatives (unless natural), refined flours, refined oils and refined sugars.


Meet the team 

Meeliora is a small family & friend business. Some of our family members have a background in nutrition and medicine, and every new product we add to our range is approved by them beforehand.


Our philosophy

We believe in the positive impact real foods have in our bodies so we would rather focus on that than on a certain amount of calories or a value in the nutritional chart.  Real food is natural, healthy and simple food, which has either been minimally processed or not processed at all. It is whole food free of chemical additives and rich in nutrients that is more a product of nature than a product of industry. The simpler, the better!

Local, Sustainable & Women Entrepreneurship

What we do and what we buy has a huge impact not only on ourselves but on the planet. The brands we share have strong social and sustainability values and we only work with suppliers by building close relationships with them. This human side of the business is very important to us.

Supporting small. We select and work closely with niche brands, from start-ups in Europe to local companies, that share the same strong environmental and health values. Moreover, we are a proud a female-founded business and we believe incredible things happen when we empower and support women entrepreneurship!