Environmental Projects

We are constantly looking on new projects we can collaborate on in Luxembourg. One of our recent projects is the preservation of fallen nut trees in the country. These are “rescued” by locals and their precious wood is transformed into beautiful wooden boards which are the perfect addition to your kitchen.

Via The Spice Collection we are actively involved in environmental and social actions. Roxane, originally from Madagascar, has always had a very strong bond with her country. This is how on the island of Nosy Be at Fokontany de Tsaraiko, in the North West of Madagascar, a tree planting project was born: "For each spice purchased, a tree is planted". The island of Nosy Be is currently the victim of very high deforestation. The trees planted for The Spice Collection are Cananga Odorata, also known as Ylang Ylang. These trees limit the destruction of natural forests thanks to their strong essence, thus promoting the preservation of flora and fauna.
We are working together with the organization SPPM, Société des Produits à Parfums de Madagascar. Founded by missionary fathers for the development of essential oils and spices, this organization works with the utmost respect for the environment and local populations. Through its projects, it actively fights for the conservation of flora and fauna on the island as well as for the education of local communities to raise their awareness of respect and preservation of the environment and the land.

Thousands of trees planted thanks to you!