About us

“Created in a way we’re proud of.”

— Cristina & Roxane

Since the first day we met, we immediately realised we shared the same interests: entrepreneurship, healthy food and a true love for our planet.

Our passion and goal is to inspire and encourage you to lead an environmentally aware lifestyle by offering healthy and convenient yet stylish alternatives. We are constantly searching for new amazing products for our e-shop and are planning to launch our own line very soon :)  We also provide personalised services and event management for companies, as we strive for a bigger impact!

Above all, Meeliora is an invitation to live in a way that is more sustainable, healthy, and responsible, both on private and corporate levels. We believe living conscious of people, our health and the planet shouldn’t have to be so overwhelming; and that is the reason of existence of this space.


“To take care of others, start by taking care of yourself.”

— Roxane

5 facts about me:

-I love to eat and cook food from different countries 

-Deepak Chopra & Hal Elrod are my mentors: it’s all about the law of pure potentiality and waking up early

- I really believe in my zodiac sign, I am a leo: I am as ambitious as generous

-I am a mum-entrepreneur: I believe in work flexibility and family caregiving

-I am a hot yoga addict! I love to push myself


“It’s all about trying to be the best version of yourself, while being perfectly imperfect.”

— Cristina

5 facts about me:

-My actual professional background is in fashion & luxury management, however as soon as I realised about the impact this industry have on the planet, I began to feel disconnected and decided to follow my own path

-Taking care of myself has allowed me to feel more grounded and mindful of the way we are consuming and generally living. It all started with small changes in the way I was eating, which eventually led me to switch to natural cosmetics and products I use at home daily. Getting the right information has been key!

-I absolutely love cooking and taking care of my loved ones with the food I prepare. I could talk about food and recipes for hours!

-I love travelling and discovering new places but also being at home

-I am a (healthy) pancake addict :)